Outback Sunroof

The Outback Sunroof is an electronic system that is able to cover openings of 3.9m and is operated by you with a hand held remote control.  The pre-painted, pre-assembled steel blades come in a variety of colours and have a unique foam insert making them rigid and help to insulate your new space from surrounding noise.  The system is very quiet and is driven by a 100 Watt, 24 Volt motor for reliable long life operation. The blades also have an inbuilt rain sensor and will close automatically and interlock.

The softly ribbed profile of the Outback Sunroof is designed to “look and feel” like part of the STRATCO Outdoor family and when in the interlocked position the aesthetics are similar to the underside of the Outdoor Deck.  This system can be a stand lone unit or exist in combination with other Outback designs.