Outback Pergola

The Outback Pergola is a tribute to the time honoured traditional timber pergola.  Our modern steel design will add character to your home with less maintenance than timber designs.  The pergola can span up to 8m and is available as a freestanding unit or attached to your home.  Beams can be left open or fitted with shade cloth or shade blades to provide protection from the sun without blocking the natural light.  Specially designed clips are used to attach the cloth for a neat finish.  Profiled beam ends are also available.

Outback Pergola Shade Blades

The innovative Outback Pergola Shade Blade system is a fixed blade arrangement designed to attach to your pergola.  Blades can be attached at a 45 degree or a 90 degree angle to the framework depending on how much ventilation and natural light you wish to create.  The Shade Blades also have a gutter to provide protection from light rain.

If privacy from neighbours is a concern, the Outback Shade Blade system can also be installed as a side screen with the support post centres being a maximum of 1.2m apart.