Outback Gable Roof

The Outback Gable has a pitched roof and can be a Multispan or Clearspan design.  Both designs can be attached or freestanding or combined with the Outback Flat Roof or Outback Pergola to create an impressive visual effect.  An Outback Gazebo End or Outback Hip End are also available to accompany these designs at one end or both ends of your Gable adding character or radiating extravagance from a combination design.

 Multispan Gable

The Outback Multispan Gable has great design options with several roofing materials available.  You can use the polycarbonate cladding to maximize natural light, corrugated steel for the classic, rustic look, the smooth and glossy Outback Deck or a combination.  Purlins exist to in the roof to support the cladding, creating an intricate underside to your design.

 Other features of the Multispan Gable

Available with a 22 degree or 30 degree pitch

  • Maximum span of 6.6m when attached at both ends
  • Maximum span of 3m when attached at one end
  • Corrugated steel cladding can be single or double-sided

 Clearspan Gable

The Outback Clearspan Gable utilizes the Outback Deck for a smooth and glossy feel, bringing the inside, outside.  Outback Rooflites are also available to provide filtered, natural light to the underside.  Purlins are not necessary to support the cladding in this design.

Other features of the Clearspan Gable
  • Maximum span reaches 7.5m
  • One pitch angle of 22 degrees is available
  • Filtered light can be intimate using small panels of polycarbonate
  • Uninterrupted air flow underneath

 Outback Gazebo End

This charming design will enhance any Outback Gable design and will compliment houses with bay windows or hexagonal style features especially well.

Outback Hip End

This traditional design will subtly enhance any Outback Gable design and will compliment houses with existing hip end style roof design.