Outback Flat Roof

The Outback Flat Roof design can be attached to your home or exist as a freestanding unit with a maximum span of 4.5m, however this can increase to 5.1m or 8.4m if you decide to use an overhang or additional purlin option.

The original Outback Flat Roof system utilizes the “Outback Deck” which is a very strong material that does not need purlins for support and uses hidden or camouflaged brackets and fastenings to create smooth, simple, uncluttered lines, giving a ceiling-like feel.  This quality not only looks great, it is also very easy to clean.

Additional Options
  • Can be incorporated with an Outback Gable Roof, Curved Roof or Pergola.
  • An overhang can increase the span to 5.1m
  • A single support beam across the span enables the roof sheets to run horizontally for a different look
  • Extra support beams and a purlin across the span will increase the span to 8.4m
  • Outback Rooflites can be added to supply natural, filtered light to the underside
  • Beam sizes of 120mm and 150mm are available