Outback Accessories

Outback Gable Infills

Plain, square or diamond fibre cement panels, timber lattice or polycarbonate sheeting is available to fill the open of a Gable Roof system.





Outback Rooflite

Designed to fit with the Outback Deck to supply filtered light to the underside.  Made from high grade polycarbonate and is curved to discourage build up over the rooflite.





Outback Ventridge

Designed to sit on the crest of the Multispan and the Heritage Range Gables.  The underside of the Gable is kept cool as the hot air rises and escapes via this ventridge





Outback Ceiling Fan

Available to enhance air circulation for your new space






Outback Lighting

Choose from a variety of stylish light fittings to utilize your new space into the night.