What is the differance between a building approval and planning approval?

To legally build your new outdoor area or carport, a building approval is required and in almost all cases, this is all  you will need. You will only require a planning approval if you want to build something that lies outside the R-codes (There are also certain areas that require planning approval) . Planning can take upto 2 or 3 months but we can usually obtain this relatively easily. Further charges will be incurred if this is the case. As every planning situation is differant we will quote this as required. Note: If you need planning approval, you will also still need to get building approval as well.

Do you do the shire applications for building approvals?

Yes, we do all paper work and approval for you and is inclusive of the price that we issue you. Depending on the speed of the shire at the time of sign up we can have approval in as little as 1 and 1/2 weeks but can take upto 4 weeks on the occasion. All we will require from you is a site plan. If you don’t have one on hand, you can obtain a copy from the shire. If you prefer, we can organise and do this for you when we do the other paperwork.

How much is it to get shire approval?

The cost for shire approval is not governed by the shire, it is governed by the BRB (Builders registration Board) and is currently $125.50 (subject to change), providing we have a site plan. This fee is included in your price when you receive your quote.

If I am upgrading an existing structure, am I still required to get shire/building approval?

Yes you are still required to get approval. The building approval is primarily for engineering, so if  your old structure is upgraded it will require a new engineering document. The other reason is that the R-codes have most likely changed since the old structure was installed.

How close can I legally build to my fence line?

In the Bunbury shire, if your structure is less than  9 metres long you can get as close as 500mm to your fence line.  If it is longer than this, then 750mm is the closest  though it will require a neighbour comment.  This measurement is taken from the outside of the gutter to the boundary of your block.  As for carports, it is possible to build them right up to your boundry, though will require council approval in relation to the fire break schedule.  If you are in a different shire, then different regulations may apply.  We can notify you of these during the planning phase.

Will I need to be home when my new patio is being installed?

There is no need to be home while we are installing your new ourdoor area, though we will require outside power.